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What are the Weight and Height Requirements for Reform RX?

The maximum user weight capacity is limited to 375lbs. The Reform RX’s smart spine range is tested for users up to 6’7" height.

There is no minimum size, weight, or build for using Reform RX. It's one of the most versatile pieces of fitness equipment for smaller or younger athletes. However, the Minimum age for use is 13 years.

Note: Use of the Reform RX by anyone under the age of thirteen (13) is not permitted.

What are the recommended ages for ReformRX?

Can I connect a bluetooth keyboard, or mouse?

Is it possible to have multiple users on the same Reform RX?

What Should I Wear to work out on the ReformRX?

Which level should I choose on the RX?

Do you have workouts for beginners?

What do the different workouts categories mean?

What is ‘My Score’ and how does it work?

How much bandwidth does Reform RX need?

How Durable is the Reform RX?



  • Footprint

    Length 112.5”
    Width 27.2”
    Height 30.5”

  • Weight

    Bed 230 lbs
    Bed with Tablet 244 lbs
    User Height Range 4’10” to 6’7”
    Weight Limit 375 lbs

  • Screen Specs

    Size 21.5"
    Resolution 1920 x 1080 FHD
    WiFi 802.11a
    RAM/Memory 2GB/16GB
    Bluetooth BT 5.0
    Sensor NFC

How do the RX springs work?

Can I preview classes before purchasing an RX?