Elevate Your Commercial Space, With The RX Experience.

At Reform RX, we are passionate about making reformer Pilates accessible to everyone around the world. And, with the RX reformer’s commercial grade and innovative technology and design combined, we are able to provide people with the reformer Pilates experience in locations and spaces that they’ve never seen a Pilates reformer before.

As a Reform RX partner, you have the opportunity to elevate your member experience, and offer your clients a premium and results-driven training solution on premium Pilates equipment. Whether you’re interested in enhancing your boutique studio experience, introducing reformer Pilates on to the gym floor for the first time, or bringing this full-body workout into a hotel or corporate wellness setting, we provide bespoke solutions to the following:


An Unrivalled Workout

A growing library of on-demand, results-driven workouts that will have your members engaged, empowered, and coming back for more.

Our dedicated How To section unlocks an abundance of exercise starter guides to familiarize members with fundamental exercises and the RX reformer.

Next Level Functionality

Ground-breaking new features that reinvent and reimagine the design and capabilities of a traditional reformer.

With its next generation technology, your members will experience an immersive, guided workout that makes them feel as though they’re taking a private session with one of our world-renowned instructors.

Connected & Immersive

With Bluetooth connectivity, your members can pair their headphones to feel like the instructor is in the room with them.

Compatible with WHOOP and Polar heart rate monitoring devices, enabling members to receive accurate heart rate reporting.

Cast RX workouts onto a larger screen to transform your space into boutique studio, complete with a virtual instructor.

Stands The Test Of Time

The RX has undergone millions of testing cycles using our longevity rig to ensure all components not only stand the test of time in your space, but also surpass any other existing commercial reformer on the market.

Bespoke For Your & Your Space

Want to level up your existing studio experience with the next-generation Pilates reformer? Launch the RX in your studio, without the screen, and let your instructors program their classes with are former that offers endless workout options and progressions.

Enterprise Memberships

Choose an enterprise membership for your business, so your members can choose to log into their own personal RX account or create a guest account.